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Text or Call Kristi at 317.627.0702 /

Alternatively you can also reach:,

Serving most of South Eastern & Mid-Eastern Louisiana, South & West Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast.

  • Will travel.

  • **Wedding Coordination offered on a remote basis within the Continental U.S.

Are you planning a large, formal wedding ceremony?


Or maybe a more casual, intimate wedding in a garden or on the beach with a few friends and family?

Have you decided to jump in feet first and elope as soon as possible?


If you are looking for an officiant/minister/celebrant that will go above and beyond to make sure your ceremony is everything you hoped for, then allow me to introduce myself and my extraordinary colleagues.

My name is Kristi. I began Ceremonies By Kristi in order to serve others with the following beliefs & ethos:

  • To provide high quality, reliable, personal, affordable ministerial services to anyone in need

  • To provide all services with the upmost respect, dignity and grace that all humans require

  • To NEVER cancel on a client without providing an alternative, highly qualified substitute at no additional cost; and to only do so in the case of extreme emergency

  • To never refuse services due to lack of financial means (we have a program to assist those with financial need)

  • To respect every client's unique beliefs and to serve according to their needs and beliefs to the best of our ability

  • To respect every person's autonomy and individual rights

  • To never pass judgement on others

  • To spread love, joy, and peace


I am an Ordained, Universalist Minister with Universal Life Church Ministries. I am also a retired RN and current anthropologist/archaeologist. I have an extensive background in cultures and rituals around the world.  I am comfortable performing ceremonies from any religious or cultural tradition, interfaith, as well as secular. I will listen closely to your needs and tailor YOUR ceremony to your desires.

Because of the large demand for these services, I recently invited 4 other highly qualified, experienced officiants to join me. They are a diverse group with a range of special talents. All share the ethos that has been the foundation of "Ceremonies By Kristi."  To speak to our officiants, please call (985)264-4698.


Besides just adding a wider range of officiants and the ability to serve more clients, having 5 of us guarantees that our clients will NEVER be "left at the altar" without someone to marry them.  This may seem unbelievable.... but it is astounding, how many calls I receive from frantic brides and grooms whose officiant DROPPED them at the last minute, without providing a substitute.  If you choose an officiant from our group, you can rest the SLIGHT chance that the officiant you have been working with cannot be there, you WILL have a friendly, experienced, highly qualified & certified officiant to perform all the duties you require.


We do not pull "one size fits all," pre-packaged ceremonies from the internet.  We do not read ceremonies from a mobile phone.  Each ceremony we perform is thoughtfully and carefully crafted to fit you as a couple....and is truly unique.


We are very flexible.  You are free to take a large role in crafting your ceremony, or you can sit back and let me do the work....or anything in between. If children are involved, and the couple wants them to take some part in the ceremony, I have extensive experience working with kids of any age/ability.  This is, after all, YOUR wedding!

We happily welcome LGBTQIA+ couples. Likewise, if you have friends/family that are LGBTQIA+, we will treat them with the dignity, respect, and kindness they deserve.  We do not judge our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity and happily serve all people who can consensually and legally marry.....regardless of where they were born, their socio-economic status, the language they speak, the color of their skin, the way they worship, or their choice to hold no religious beliefs.


All of our officiants have credentials that allow them to officiate in all 50 states. I (Kristi) live just outside of New Orleans, so most of the ceremonies I officiate are in the New Orleans & Baton Rouge Metropolitan areas, as well as the Gulf Coast. I am willing to travel, with travel and hotel expenses paid.  Please see "Meet Our Officiants" to learn more about the locations of the other Professionals in our group.


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