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Clients Reviews

She went above and beyond for everything and I couldn’t imagine someone better to marry us than Kristi!

~Roshni G.

We are so thankful for Kristi. Not only did she work with us on short notice but she went above and beyond to make our day special. We could not have asked for a better person to perform our ceremony. We are eternally grateful!! Highly recommend her to make your day special.

-Jennifer F.

She is wonderful I strongly

recommend her.

~Robert A.

Absolutely amazing officiant!!! She went above and beyond to cater to what would fit the type of ceremony my husband and I wanted. Everything about her speech was perfect and made everyone fall in love just listening to the words she said. She really listened to us and what we wanted and made the ceremony better than we could’ve imagined. Thank you Kristi!!!


~Mariah M.

I would pick all of I were given the option. This lady is an absolutely great person, very professional, and a complete blessing!!

~Bobby S.

Mrs. Kristi went above and beyond to ensure that our wedding day was memorable. Great quality work done. Highly recommended !

~Alacia C.

Kristi was so above and beyond any expectations!! Incredibly prepared ceremony, very personalized. Very refreshing to see someone doing their job with so much pleasure and dedication. I Very highly recommend her. And her daughter is taking beautiful wedding pictures!  


~Adriana B.

Kristi was incredibly detailed and responsive - she developed a clear guide to help us plan, but was completely open to changes and suggestions from us. She checked and double checked everything to make sure it was right, and led us through a thoughtful, meaningful, and well-delivered marriage ceremony.

~Margaret D.

She was awesome. She did everything we asked for and more. The ceremony was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for any better. She was amazing. Thanks Kristi again.    

~Laurie K.

She is so personable and very responsive. She listens to what we would like to be included and also had some great ideas of her own! 10/10 would recommend!

~Marilyn D.

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