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  • What is an Officiant?
    An Officiant is someone who is empowered by law to perform legally binding ceremonies. Marriages are the most common type of ceremony that Officiants perform.
  • I recently got engaged.  Who can legally marry us?
    If you have a relationship with a church and a Priest, Pastor, Minister, Imam, etc, your clergy member can perform your marriage ceremony, usually in a church. A Justice of the Peace can also legally marry you. They typically work for courts and deal with minor legal matters. Officiants are often a popular choice because, for the most part, you have more freedom to choose where you want to have your ceremony and what type of ceremony you will have.
  • We are getting married at a venue that provides most everything. Will our venue have an Officiant as part of the "package.""
    The short answer is, "no." Unless you have hired a venue that specifically states an Officiant is "part of the package," you will need to locate and hire your own officiant. Almost all Officiants are self employed and do not contract with a specific venue. You can always ask the venue's representatives if they know of, and have contact information for, a quality Officiant.
  • When I'm ready to hire my Officiant, where do I start?"
    It's almost always best to start by asking family and friends if they know of someone who is top notch. On the other side, they may be able to advise against certain Officiants who may not be good for you. You can also ask your vendors who they would recommend (they see ALOT of weddings!). If you have a wedding planner, he or she should be able to give you some excellent recommendations. If word of mouth doesn't pan out, hit the internet. Check reviews, and interview several Officiants before you make your decision.

Kristi was so above and beyond any expectations!! Incredibly prepared ceremony, very personalized. Very refreshing to see someone doing their job with so much pleasure and dedication. I Very highly recommend her. And her daughter is taking beautiful wedding pictures!


 ~Adriana B.

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