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Meet Our Officiants......

Brandon Bergman

Q:  Brandon, tell us a little about yourself.


A: Originally from Florida, I moved to New Orleans in 2008. I study herbalism and natural medicine. Hobbies include cooking, baking, and playing the autoharp and mountain dulcimer. I live with a small dog named Jellyroll.


Q: How did you get into this profession?

A: Some good friends were getting married in 2017, and requested that I officiate their wedding. It was a true honor to do so.

Q: Tell us about a wedding you officiated that did NOT go as planned (good or bad). How did you handle the situation?

A: During the ceremony, it is very common for one or both of the people being married to become emotional. My first wedding, the groom started sobbing during a part of the ceremony that seems to get them every time. We needed a minute and some humor to get back on track.


Q: What is your FAVORITE part of any wedding ceremony?


A: My favorite part of a ceremony is the moment when the couple really connects to the words I am saying. I also like the final declaration pronouncing them officially married.


Q: In just 3 words, summarize your "style" as an officiant.

A: Natural, Bohemian, Spiritual


Q:  As officiants, we LOVE it when we leave a ceremony feeling like we did a great job and the clients are "over the moon" happy with how everything went.  Have you noticed any similarities in your clients who think you are the best thing since sliced bread?  In other words, what kind of people do you really "click" with during your officiating duties?

A: I tend to "click" with sensitive people who have a good sense of humor and aren't too formal

Brandon lives in New Orleans and is available to officiate weddings in


most areas of New Orleans

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